Admit The Fact That You Have Failed And Let’s Move On-Angry Paul Adom Otchere Finally Speaks On IMF-CHECK DETAILS.

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Paul Adom Otchere was expected to defend the new patriotic party even before he commenced his show today. A week ago, people were already ranting about the International Monetary Fund and how it was going to affect Ghana’s economy.

Even though the national democratic congress have been chastised and hooted at for doing same, members or strong supporters of the new patriotic party were sure about Paul’s defense for his party.

People flooded the comment section with comments like ‘ Paul can even defend Satan as not guilty’. Paul’s submission today reveals that Nana Addo has done one of the most remarkable things any president could do.

Accordijg to Paul, anyone in Nana’s shoes would keep quiet, sit down and watch the economy suffer or spoil for political gains but he didn’t do that. Paul revealed that the global challenges that has affected many economies and nations is the reason for involving the IMF.

As for Mahama, Paul says he has failed on so many levels. Admit the fact that you have failed and let’s move on with our lives and save this country. I believe in the governance of Nana Akufo-Addo, he added.

Source:Greatz News

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