A Lady With These Qualities Is A Marriage Material – [Men Check Out]

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No one will like to marry a woman without checking out the her behavior. Though, it is difficult for a woman to really show her character at the time of outing. Hence, much time is needed during courtship to enable you study her very well.

The qualities of a good woman men should keep their eyes out for include the following MyLifeGuide has listed;

HONESTY – A good lady should be able to say the truth and still stand by it. Let you understand that is the truth no matter how that hurts you with no apologies.

PASSIONATE AND HARDWORKING – She is ready to keep doing desirously whatever she is doing, being it cooking at home, in a place of worship or community project. She always gives her all at work, and you can feel it.

LOYAL – She will tell you your wrongs in the eye rather than go out to tell someone. A good woman will never speak badly about you behind your back. She sees you as a team player and will point out your mistakes to you. Her action will always show she cannot afford to lose you.


ENCOURAGING -Men need women that can offer words of encouragement to them when things are not going on well. How sad it would be to have a lady who cannot encourage you to be on your fit if you have fallen. A good woman will want you to share your dreams with her so that you both work at it. And above all she herself is always a positive thinker and inspires people around her.

TAKES UP RESPONSIBILITY OF HER ACTIONS – She apportioned blames on herself if anything around her goes wrong. She does less of the argument with people.

SPENDS WITHIN HER MEAN – She does not overly spend more than what she has, and always keeps budget on her expenditure. She will find out if you can afford a particular thing for her before buying. More, importantly, she strives to be independent. She care less if you give her or not.

SHE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN – A good woman should know how to have fun, that is where your happiness lies. She needs to knows how to make fun of herself, and find something to smile at even when everything seems to be going wrong. She loves to play, and feels refreshed at it.

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Note: Marrying a good woman is one of the happiest thing ever on earth and that can guarantee you long life as God planned….

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