15% COLA Agreement:Leadership Has Betrayed Us-University Of Ghana Senior Staff Disclose -CHECK DETAILS.

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General Secretary of the Senior Staff Association of the University of Ghana,   Mr. Hector Owuahene-Acheampong has observed that the leadership’s decision to agree to the government’s 15% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) smacks of betrayal. 

Of course, those people will not show their faces that they have betrayed you. Looking at their posture after the meeting, you could see that they have connived with the government to accept the 15 %”. Mr. Hector Owuahene -Acheampong told Sompa FM in an interview.

After a back and forth between striking labor unions and the government, the two parties last week agreed on a 15% Cost of Living Allowance to be paid to all public sector workers effective from July 1, 2022.

Following the agreement, all planned industrial actions by the labor unions have been suspended.


However, speaking to the matter on Sompa FM, Mr Hector Owuahene -Acheampong accused the leaders who attended the meeting with the government of betraying them adding that, their 20% demand could have been met if they stood on their grounds

“I’m sure if we had stood our grounds, the government would have accepted the 20% proposal we presented”, he stressed.

According to him, the Senior Staff Association of the University of Ghana has other issues that need to be addressed and that; COLA was just the tip of the iceberg.

“We the senior staff have lots of issues to be addressed and the COLA was just one of our requests,” Mr Hector Owuahene said adding that the senior staff will not call off their strike until their requests are fully met.

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